All India Shri Nandlal Gadia Memorial Debate 2024


Prashant Yadav and Neha Choudhary from the club represented the university in the national debating competition held at Mewar University, Chittorgarh gaining valuable skills and confidence from the experience.

ISTR Conference


The Debating Club played a vital role in organizing, tracking, recording, and managing the 21st edition of the Indian Society for Theatre Research (ISTR) conference themed "Redefining The Stage: Exploring Digital Transformation in Performance Cultures" held at MBMU. This experience provided valuable insights into event management and collaboration.

Intra-University Debating Competition (2027 Batch)


The Intra-University Debate Competition showcased the debating talents of participants. The event featured intense debates on the topic "Does Arms Procurement Promote Peace or Perpetuate Conflict ?" The competition promoted critical thinking, and effective communication, and fostered a vibrant intellectual community within the university. 

Speaker Session


Professor Vikas Kapoor, our faculty coordinator, led a session titled "Engineering Environment: Can We Mend What We Have Broken?" Open to members and non-members alike, this insightful discussion explored the power of communication and understanding in rebuilding bridges.

Induction Programme 2023


Debating Club members participated in the Induction Programme to welcome the students of the 2027 batch into the literary society. Debating Club members demonstrated their skills and gave valuable insights. Their performance was a testament to their hard work and dedication.