ICC Day Celebration

Date: 7th April 2024

On the occasion of ICC Foundation day, members of constituent clubs of ICC came together to celebrate the creative talent of students. As a part of the programme, Alankaar organised a Kavi Sammelan, showcasing the talents of renowned poets and alumni of MBM University Vivek Pareek, Vaibhav Vaishnav, Nazeeb Bikaneri, and Suresh Dudi, who have distinguished themselves in the literary world. Awards were distributed to the winners of "Lekhni" during the celebration.

Performance at Encarta'24

Date: 20th March 2024

To promote Rajasthani cultural heritage among the students, members of Alankaar enacted a poetic rendition of the age-old tradition of "Hathai'' during the technical fest Encarta'24 organised by the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, MBM University. The event also consisted of individual performances by club members.

Participation at Aaftab'24

Date: 21st February 2024

Members of the club attended the annual literature festival of IIT Jodhpur, where they won multiple prizes in various competitions. Members of the club claimed all the three podium positions in Hindi prose writing competition (Anjali Maheshwari, Harshita Leela, Vaibhav Agarwal), along with 1st position in slam poetry (Vaibhav Agarwal) and 3rd in English prose writing competition (Ojashvi Sharma).

Organised "Lekhni"

Date: 2nd February-19th February 2024

Alankaar organised its annual writing competition in the month of february where participants could submit their entries in a total of 4 categories. The competition witnessed participation from not only the students of MBM University, but also from premier institutes across the country, with over 180 submissions.

Organised "Umang"

Date: 31st January 2024

In a collaborative effort with Sargam (ICC), Alankaar hosted “Umang”, an event that combined musical compositions with poetic verses, creating an immersive experience in musical poetry.

Golden Jubilee Celebration

Date: 18th November 2023

To celebrate 50 years of graduation of the 1973 batch, all the branches of ICC came together to perform an act showing the invaluable contribution of engineers towards building the modern world. Alankaar contributed to the script and poetry included in the act along with an individual performance. 

Participation at Anataragni'23

Date: 21st October 2023

Alankaar members represented MBM University and the club at the annual cultural fest of IIT Kanpur, “Antaragni” through the open mic event in which they recited hindi poetry on another national level stage. 

Participation at Thomso'23

Date: 15th October 2023

Members of the club participated in the annual cultural fest of IIT Roorkee, “Thomso” and represented MBM University and Alankaar on a national stage through the Slam Poetry event. 

University Foundation Day

Date: 24th September 2023

Contributing to the festivities of MBM University Foundation Day, Alankaar collaborated with other branches of ICC to put together a poetic performance to also celebrate World Daughters’ Day, which coincided with the university foundation day this year. 

Hindi Diwas Celebration

Date: 14th September 2023

On the occasion of Hindi Diwas, Alankaar organised a special meet to appreciate the significance of Hindi. The celebration included discussions on the importance of Hindi in literature and an exploration of various writing styles, thus enriching our members' understanding of the language.

Induction Programme

Date: 4th September 2023

Alankaar commenced the academic year with a session in the induction programme, designed to welcome new members into our literary community. The event featured a variety of stage performances, including storytelling and poetry recitation by existing members of the club.