Debating Club

About Debating Club

The Debating Club, a cornerstone of intellectual discourse on campus since 1976, offers a dynamic platform to hone your critical thinking and communication skills. The club empowers students to become confident and articulate leaders in any conversation, on any topic.

More than just debates, our club fosters a supportive and inclusive environment where diverse perspectives are welcomed and challenged respectfully. Here, members develop their analytical skills to deconstruct arguments, the research prowess to build their case, and the persuasive power to captivate any audience.

Debating Club members are a passionate and dedicated group. They delve into a vast array of thought-provoking topics, from navigating international relations to tackling social issues and national affairs. Through Weekly meet-ups, Debating Club members put their skills into action with interactive activities like group discussions, debates, and extemporaneous speaking challenges

The Debating Club is more than just a club – it's a transformative experience. The club has nurtured generations of confident communicators, equipping them with the tools to excel academically and professionally.

"ना सम्मान का मोह, ना अपमान का भय"